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Press releases

Berlin, 2017-03-09

DSI News

Sandro Gaycken, Director of the Digital Society Institute (DSI) at ESMT Berlin, has been named as a senior advisor for The AI Initiative, a project of The Future Society at Harvard Kennedy School dedicated to the rise of artificial intelligence.

Berlin, 2017-03-08

Space Shack: expansive and affordable co-working space opens in Berlin-Schöneberg

Space Shack, a 3500-square-meter co-working space supported by ESMT Berlin, is celebrating its inauguration in Berlin-Schöneberg today. Located on a site provided by the Pühringer Group, Space Shack is one of the largest co-working spaces in Germany.

Berlin, 2017-03-07

Second Global Network survey: challenges remain for women in global business

ESMT Berlin participated in a global study conducted by the Global Network for Advanced Management. More than 5,000 students and alumni at 28 top business schools completed the survey, which focuses on the challenges facing women in global business.

Berlin, 2017-03-02

ESMT Berlin hosts MBA World Summit 2017

ESMT is hosting the 4th MBA World Summit 2017 March 1-4 in Berlin.

Berlin, 2017-02-17

R&D Annual Report 2016 illustrates high-quality research output at ESMT Berlin

ESMT Berlin has recently issued its R&D Annual Report 2016, highlighting the significant academic impact of the school’s research.

Berlin, 2017-02-09

ESMT Berlin President Jörg Rocholl named research member of European Corporate Governance Institute

The European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI), an international non-profit association focusing on corporate governance, has appointed ESMT Berlin President Jörg Rocholl as a research member.

Berlin, 2017-02-08

Scholarships for talented women in leadership positions: ESMT Berlin now accepting applications

ESMT Berlin is offering several executive education scholarships to promote women in leadership positions.

Berlin, 2017-02-07

International business school deans: Global business education is the best antidote to economic nationalism

ESMT Berlin, as a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management, has joined 28 other international business schools in the release of a statement advocating international exchange and protesting economic nationalism.

Berlin, 2017-01-19

ESMT Berlin study examines cost traps in business models 4.0

In his recent case study “Cost Traps in Business Models 4.0,” Olaf Plötner, Dean of Executive Education at ESMT Berlin, identifies nine cost traps with which traditional industrial enterprises are confronted in the digital age.


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