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Press release

Berlin, February 1, 2016

ESMT offers new series of booster programs

  • Future-oriented programs focus on topics such as digital strategy, cybersecurity, blockchain, and industrial 3-D printing
  • The two-day programs will first take place in March and May 2016

ESMT European School of Management and Technology announces its new series of booster programs, a first-of-its kind opportunity to explore developments that are currently disrupting our industries. The two-day programs pull the future into focus and provide relevant knowledge on increasingly important trends such as digital strategy, cybersecurity, blockchain, and industrial 3-D printing. The experience-based programs are designed for executives across industries and first take place in March and May 2016:

Decoding Digital: Building a Digital Strategy with Joe Peppard (

  • The booster helps executives to embrace digital technologies within their organizations and establish a frame of reference for considering digital in a strategic context.

Strategic Corporate and Industrial Cybersecurity with Sandro Gaycken (

  • Participants will understand cybersecurity from a management perspective and in a systematic and strategic way and be empowered to independently create effective cybersecurity setups.

Hacking for Executives with Sandro Gaycken (

  • The booster provides an introduction to advanced corporate hacking for technical laypersons. It will help participants to understand the basics of cybersecurity, and the potential effectiveness of security approaches.

Blockchain: A Transaction Technology for Smart Contracts with ESMT faculty and supported by Ethcore (

  • The goal is to provide a practical introduction to cutting-edge, decentralized digital technology (“blockchain”). Participants learn about its potential for disruption, and have a starting point for experimentation in their organization.

The Revolutionary Potential of Industrial 3-D Printing with ESMT faculty and supported by EOS (

  • Participants will explore the possibilities of industrial 3-D printing and learn more about the technology, how it is evolving, as well as potential applications and implications.

“Advanced technologies and digital businesses will increasingly confront organizations and their leadership teams. Our experience-based booster programs provide decision makers with a set of tools and methods to understand these innovations and to implement them within their organization,” said Christoph Burger, ESMT Senior Associate Dean of Executive Education.

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